Jointly curated by Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC), the INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, WTW and The Straits Times, Steward Leadership 25 is an annual listing of the 25 best stories of steward leadership excellence within the Asia-Pacific region.

For the launch of SL25 Listing at the Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2022, a Nomination Guide to illuminate the essence and roadmap of SL25 is imperative.

We gave our best not only to ensure delivery within the critically short timeline but more importantly, that our work merit the dedication of the SL25 project team.


“Marcus is a talented designer who is able to translate complicated briefs into simple and beautiful designs, and we are very happy with the results that he manages to deliver.

He is passionate, not afraid to bring a different perspective to discussion and puts a lot of thought into his design.

We would definitely recommend his services if you're looking to produce eye-catching design work with a meaning behind it.”
Mr Luke Phang Manager (Digital Media and Communications),
Stewardship Asia Centre


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